Irene & Ozzie?

For me, one of my biggest inspirations were my grandparents Irene and Ozzie. They were two people who really lived up to their marriage vows. They were together through thick and thin, raised four children and only separated when death parted them. This is extremely inspirational to me. I hope my marriage is as successful.

They also separately helped spark my imagination and sowed the seeds for my career. My grandma would let me root through her jewellery box full of wondrously sparkly things and I would spend hours dressing up in all her finery. She also showed me how to sew. Having lived through the war, she was fantastic at anything like that.

Grandad would teach me how to make things in his shed. It didn’t really matter that I wasn’t a boy, he didn’t discriminate. Working with his hands was grandad’s passion. He loved his garden and I’m pretty sure he could make anything.

Between the two, they had a lot to do with my chosen career path and I wish they were alive, so I could tell them how much they inspired me. I will have to settle for naming my company after them. Here’s to you Irene and Ozzie.