Covering Tattoos

Some brides come to me to help them find a way to cover up their tattoos for their wedding day. Each tattoo is unique and in turn so are the pieces I make that cover them.  I have made, armbands, cuffs, and epaulettes of all shapes and sizes.  There was one thing they all had in common though, they matched their dress perfectly. 

The process

  1. The first thing I will do is discuss with you what you are looking for, what your dress looks like, how big your tattoo is, where it is and the overall look you are trying to achieve (the more information you can provide the better, I may even ask you to send me a tracing paper copy of the tattoo). 
  2. Then I will take into consideration everything you have told me and design your piece.  Often this will include a sketch of the design.  At this stage I will also give you a quote for the piece.
  3. If you decide to go ahead,  I will request a 50% non refundable deposit.  The remainder is payable just prior to delivery.  
  4. Once it’s ready, I will send you a picture to make sure you are happy, request the final payment and post out to you upon receipt. 

Hopefully, you will be extremely pleased with your purchase but if you need something amending, send it back and I will alter it for you.  It’s very important to me that you are excited about wearing your jewellery on your big day and I always make sure that’s the case. 

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