The Designer

My name is Emma Gore. I am 34 years old and live in Chester with my husband.

Being a part of someone’s wedding day, however small, is to me a huge privilege. It adds meaning to my work. It’s the thought that ‘this piece is going to be treasured’. It will probably be folded carefully into the tissue paper and put away in the back of the wardrobe for safe keeping. Brought out, every year on an anniversary or maybe just the odd occasion when the bride is feeling nostalgic. What really makes me smile though, is the thought of a little girl trying on a headband I've designed, and saying ‘I love this mummy can I wear this on my wedding day’.

Call me a hopeless romantic, go on its OK; I’ll admit it I am but this is why I design. People often say ‘wow, I just wouldn't have the patience to do that’. Well, this is what motivates me and why I have the patience to make each piece perfect. Cheesy, yep absolutely, totally true, definitely (ask anyone I know).